Thursday, 6 March 2014

The YoBloCo Youth Blog Competition Public Evaluation has opened.. Vote for this Blog!

Exciting news! 
The Youth in Agriculture Blog Competition (YoBloCo Awards) is now open! 
After an initial selection that followed the blog submission, 145 blogs (out of 194 submissions) have met the minimal requirements of an eligible blog and have been qualified for public evaluation.
Guess what...?! 
This blog, "Afrika's Barefoot Agriculture E-ssue" is one of the pre-selected individual blogs!
There are 121 blogs in the individual category and 24 blogs in the institutional category. 
If this blog happens to be one of your favorite blogs, please do not hesitate to vote for it NOW!

Here is the procedure:
1. Click on the link below to go to the voting page:
(By the way you are supposed to vote for the two best blogs of your choice)
2. On the website of the YoBloCo Awards, you will find my blog's profile listed as "The Barefoot E-ssue". You should see something that looks almost like this:
3. Click Vote on my blog and then select the second blog you would like to vote for.
4. After this, A dialogue box will appear on the right of your screen indicated by the two red arrows in the picture
5. You will then be asked to enter your email address before the "Vote" button becomes active. 
6. After clicking the "Vote" button, an email will be sent to you... Go to your email and confirm the votes you would have just made
(Note that your votes will not be counted until you confirm them through the email sent to you).
7. That's it!

Many great thanks for your support, and see you on the vote counts!

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