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Retelling the tale of "two-speed economies" - inclusive growth imperatives

One third of the world's people depend on small farms for their livelihoods. This is a key development statistic. Inclusive smallholder agriculture driven growth should be a central part of our development priorities. Africa has experienced trends of impressive economic growth, improved governance and improved human development over the past decade. 

However, the pace and pattern of recent growth in Africa has not delivered the jobs and poverty reduction that Africa has been seeking. Africa's rural communities have been left behind in its “positive” economic growth. 

This is the “two-speed” economy tale told by the McKinsey Global Institute in a Mexican report titled "Growth and prosperity in a two-speed economy." The report shares how Mexico, a modern, fast-growing economy, with globally competitive multinationals and cutting-edge manufacturing plants exists amid a far larger group of traditional  enterprises that really do not contribute to growth. You can read the M…

The YoBloCo Youth Blog Competition Public Evaluation has opened.. Vote for this Blog!

Exciting news!  The Youth in Agriculture Blog Competition (YoBloCo Awards) is now open!  After an initial selection that followed the blog submission, 145 blogs (out of 194 submissions) have met the minimal requirements of an eligible blog and have been qualified for public evaluation. Guess what...?!  This blog, "Afrika's Barefoot Agriculture E-ssue" is one of the pre-selected individual blogs! There are 121 blogs in the individual category and 24 blogs in the institutional category.  If this blog happens to be one of your favorite blogs, please do not hesitate to vote for it NOW!
Here is the procedure: 1. Click on the link below to go to the voting page: (By the way you are supposed to vote for the two best blogs of your choice) 2. On the website of the YoBloCo Awards, you will find my blog's profile listed as "The Barefoot E-ssue". You should see something that looks almost like this: 3. Click Vote on my bl…

My best 2 minute lecture on Agricultural Development so far...

"When we invest together, good things grow" IFAD, 2014
I have never heard it expressed in a simpler and more powerful way before. I happened to bump into one of IFAD’s videos on the Year of family farming, and I must say, this short video is one of the best lectures I have had on agricultural investment and development so far. You can watch the video here (right click to open it in a new tab or new window). Below, I share with you three main insights from the video and my short homework exercises on “what I learnt.” Insight Number 1: One third of the global population have their livelihoods dependent on small farms, that’s approximately 2.3 billion people and they work extremely hard for long hours every day, struggling to feed their families and educate their children. What I learnt: I realized just how important productivity and profitability increasing technologies are to helping change the world.The need for more advanced seed, more effective, efficient and environmental…